Peregrine Guarding was incorporated in 1995 and is one of the leading security solution providers in India. Today Peregrine is operational in all 29 states of India with 71 offices covering tier 1, 2 and 3 cities.It provides Integrated security solutions in Physical Security I Electronic Security I Risk Assessment Consultancy I Executive Protection I Event Security I Remote Command Center.

Peregrine Guarding draws its inspiration from the Peregrine falcon – keen, alert ever-watchful eyes, unshakable talons, powerful protective wings and pervasive presence.

Embodying the spirit of the Peregrine, Peregrine Guarding shares a vision that looks beyond the immediate horizon. The Company’s eyes watch over the security of its clients without blinking, its outspread wings encircling your premises with a customised protective cover. Anticipating new challenges, it moves swiftly, adapting to the changing environment.

With a client base of over 1900 customers and employee strength of over 42,000, Peregrine has the ability to offer services across the country. An ISO 9001: 2008 and OHSAS certified company which has won several accolades; Peregrine has the ability to implement high quality services across the spectrum of strategic and tactical security services.

Peregrine has the desired infrastructure, team of experts, technologically advanced capabilities and the bandwidth to achieve the set milestones. Our financial strength gives us the leverage to take that extra stride and be the best in business. The Peregrine Team has the winning composition of extraordinary capabilities, ideal competencies and striving talent which results in our creditable customer satisfaction. We stay in touch with the global trends in security services to help our clients get the most updated services that meet the finest international standards.

Peregrine has a very robust recruitment process where the company inducts only the screened and vetted candidates for employment thereby creating and maintaining value into the system. Peregrine’s training process and methodology is as per the PSARA. We have state of the art training academies and training centres which cater to the requirement of the skilful and trained security manpower at all levels.

Peregrine provides employment to unemployed youth of India by providing security training; making them employable and getting them security job placements Pan India. In India unemployment is a very big issue because a large base of the population is not educated after primary education. Peregrine guarding plays an important role in developing their skills in security and making them employable.
As stated above Peregrine is employing 42,000 people who are working day and night to provide excellent secured environment to our growing IT and infra sector. India is not only facing the acute unemployment issue, but also lacks employable people. While our nation building initiatives need skilled human resources, Peregrine is bridging that gap by bringing the down trodden and otherwise unemployable people into the main stream of national building. In its effort it is providing dignified life to our fellow citizens who if remain unguided can become a serious social issue.

Peregrine’s continued efforts and investment in providing the international level of service assures that highly demanding global clients provide continuous business opportunities to Peregrine. Peregrine in its effort to be the best in the industry always endeavors to gain improved knowledge through international tie-ups and regular participation in international conferences and seminars.

Being a part of an international organization it is committed to providing world class services and is aiming to become the best employer of the industry. Today our committed management supported by independent directors on the board of our public parent company and is always aspiring to bring excellence in whatever we do. We are the best company in terms of corporate governance and financial stability.

Supported by our robust process, geographical presence, professional management and global relations we are able to create a service environment that is par excellence.

Client of the level of Accenture, Converges, General Motors, DHL, Capgemini, Samsung, TCS etc have always provided us written appreciation for our excellent work and service delivery.

Our efforts supported by happy clients and employee we do not have even a slight doubt in our mind that today we are the best company of the country in this industry. Our winning service delivery level supported by happy and committed employees is only going to be better as the time passes.


To provide integrated security and facilities management services with the highest levels of professionalism, diligence, and efficiency. Our goal is to grow organically and strategically by exceeding client expectations and cultivating a reputation for top-quality security services. We envision being leaders in the markets we operate in and constantly making a positive contribution to our society.


To deliver uncompromised security and facilities management solutions to clients across the globe by leveraging our in-depth knowledge, technical expertise, and commitment to excellence. We constantly strive to offer innovative solutions, customized specifically to meet individual client requirements and ensure the safety and security of people, property, and information at all times.


Tenon Group is built on six core values that shape the way we do business with our customers, partners and associates.

  • Dignity– Dignity in everything that we do.
  • Integrity– Integrity and accountability for our actions.
  • Innovation– Innovation that creates remarkable solutions.
  • Transparency– Transparency that supports mutual trust and collaborative working.
  • Humility– The humility to view our successes today as building blocks for what we must achieve tomorrow.
  • Passion– A passion for making our customers and partners as successful as we would ourselves like to be.

These values are embedded in the spirit of Tenon from the commitment for quality service, best solutions and our faith in our success. We need to recognize employees who exemplify Tenon values in action.