Safety and Security is the need of the hour. A person going to office wants a safe working environment, a shopper wants a hassle free shopping experience, a business enterprise wants to protect its physical assets 24X7, a retailer wants to monitor and control his environment and do better business. We all want to stay secure and breathe easy. Secure environment results in smooth operations, greater productivity and confident people. More than anything else, it brings complete peace of mind and gives the confidence that puts people at ease, wherever they are.

Environments teem with life when they are safe and comfortable. With increasing need for efficient security and ever shrinking budgets, security products are fast replacing man guards and human intervention. Mere presence of overt or discreet video monitoring is a huge deterrent to a potential crime. The new video technologies have increased our capabilities and set a new standard in security. Frontline Security offers video surveillance as a complete integrated solution that goes way beyond just close circuit television (CCTV) cameras.

CCTV uses one or more video cameras to transmit video images and sometimes audio to a video recorder that can be reviewed through the monitor or set of monitors. CCTV uses either wired (Co-axial, CAT5) or wireless transmission to broadcast the feed from the cameras to the recording device. Most CCTV systems are used for surveillance which includes security monitoring, spying and other safe-guarding purposes.

 Types of CCTV Systems: 

1. Analog: Easy to use, cost effective and low maintenance. Supports wide variety of cameras. Tamper-proof design with close system architecture.

2. HDCVI: High-Definition Composite Video Interface system. Megapixel resolution on analog channel. No need to change existing cabling. Simple to setup. Longer transmission at lower costs. Reliable and cost-effective.

3. IP-based: Superior image quality. Option to access real-time video from any authorised system, anywhere. Efficient centralised management system reduces maintenance costs. Multi-user access is possible as many people can view simultaneously from different geographical locations.