In today’s security conscious environment, security management is a key task for any organization. Unlike conventional guarding duties the security officers used to perform, today’s officers need to be more versatile and capable. The iSMS will assist organizations in streamlining their security operations. The system works on the principle of “one click solution for security management”. The iSMS allows a security officer to perform visitor management, appointment scheduling, key management, incident reporting, shift-handing/taking over, review Standard Operating Procedure manuals, Emergency Contact lists, etc. from one point. A security officer is able to multi-task efficiently without any hassles. The ability to access and perform multiple tasks simultaneously will increase the efficiency and reliability of the security operations with a very user-friendly system.

  • Visitor Management System (VMS): This feature enables the security team to control and monitor the movement of visitors, contractors, employees and vehicles entering or leaving the premises. It can gather increasing amounts of information and can record usage of facilities by a particular visitor. Visitor passes can be printed along with their photos thus increasing reliability. Unwanted visitors can also be blacklisted by the system thus restricting their entry to the premise the next time they visit. In the event of fire or any other emergency evacuation, the system can prompt which visitors and contractors are still present in the site that needs to be evacuated.
  • Appointment Scheduling System: It is much more convenient to follow appointment based management since it not only eliminates the task of security officer to call the employee every time there is a visitor, but also helps in managing the time of an employee in an efficient manner. The appointment module can be activated from the desktop of every employee using browser pages. The employees use this module to inform the security team on the visitors they are expecting. If required, this module can also be integrated with MS Outlook to send acknowledgement mail to the visitor on behalf of the employee.
  • SMS Notification System: If integrated and activated, SMS notification can be sent to the employee about the arrival of the visitor he/she is expecting, when the visitor shows up at the security counter.
  • Incident Reporting System: Incident reports are very crucial in all organizations when a mishap, irregularity or emergency situation arises. Proper, detailed and accurate incident reports should be raised for follow-up or any immediate necessary action required. Our system allows incident reports to be easily created. The security officer needs to add few details in the grids and the report gets created. This report can be used as evidence for follow-up action or future reference. By using formulated incident report forms, the security officer creating the report will insert all information as prompted by the system thus ensuring the report is fully completed without any unreported useful information necessary to conclude investigations.
  • Key Management System: Security officers are responsible for all the keys being drawn in and out for different locations of the premises. Once the database of all the keys is created in the system along with the list of authorized person(s) the process of issuance and return becomes fool-proof. The operator will quickly verify the name against the key and only if the person is authorized, the key will be issued. When the security officer is doing key inventory check, they will be able to check when and who had drawn the key and are able to track it very efficiently. Officers can contact the drawer of the unreturned keys to notify them to immediately return the keys. This also reduces the possibility of key duplication when the drawer leaves the premises without returning the keys.
  • The complete system can be linked with a state-of-art scanner will allow the data to be extracted from identity cards, passports, etc. to be recorded smoothly even if it is the first visit of the visitor or contractor and reducing human typing errors that may occur when the data is entered manually. This will also assist the security to perform their recording quickly without using conventional hand written recording, thus shortening the stand-by time of visitors and contractors and reducing the physical work load of the user keying in the data.