Acting as a true service partner, Peregrine offers comprehensive security services to reduce risk and invests in the best efforts to customize the services to cater to unique requirements of the clients. At Peregrine Guarding we understand what customers need when it comes to security. With clients ranging from blue-chip companies to business houses and individuals, the key to the success lies in customization and man-machine combination. We do not force-fit standard solutions and after studying our customer’s existing circumstances, we develop every aspect of our service including the profile of on-site security professionals as different circumstances demand different skill sets.

Peregrine Service Offering

Manned Guarding

Acting as a true service partner, Peregrine offers comprehensive security services to reduce risk. It provides both static and mobile manned guarding solutions to best fit the requirements of the clients based on experiences in similar environments. Peregrine provides the best personnel wherein the standards of minimum acceptable educational and physical fitness are met and ensured. Peregrine personnel are trained in proper communication, EPBX / telephone systems, electronic security equipment, fire detection, control systems and fleet etc. Peregrine also trains personnel as per the specific requirements of the clients to provide a complete customized solution.

Canine Squads

The specialized canine squads, with highly trained sniffer and guard dogs, provide services for anti-sabotage checks of conference venues, auditoriums, corporate headquarters, manufacturing plants, shopping malls, ports and warehouses. Each squad is handled by professional and experienced handlers.

Security Survey & Consulting

Peregrine conducts surveys to gather the information to identify safety and security requirements. We analyze the information to identify the GAPs and then plan and design the security solutions to meet the exact need of the clients. After discussion with the client, we deliver the solution required to provide enhanced security and minimize risk in an increasingly complex security environment.

Threat Risk Analysis

This service is provided to determine the scope of the threat and consequent risk assessment, both real and perceived. The first step in this analysis is always to analyze the scenario to assess the threats and risks using a collaborative process of using internal and external resources. Our experts then analyze the findings to ascertain the exposures, and recommend effective protection and security solution to present how the impact can be eliminated or reduced.

Critical Vulnerability Analysis

More critical your operations are, more vulnerable is your infrastructure which encompasses a wide array of physical and virtual assets both external and internal. For vulnerability assessment, we provide an analysis of the current risk and a customized plan for risk reduction as per priority requirement of the client.

Special Protection Officers

Specialized Protection Officers are trained to be used for the protection of VVIPs and top officers. They maintain a high level of physical fitness and undergo regular training programs, which are constantly reviewed and updated to effectively thwart threats from newer areas and in keeping up with existing threat perception.

Executive Protection

Our Executive Protection capabilities encompass home security systems, bodyguards, armored vehicles and vehicle scramble plans, mail screening, private jet travel, background checks for other employees, and other precautions to ensure safety of Executives (and extended family members where appropriate).

Security Arrangement at Special Events

We take a balanced approach of effective, non-excessive, security measures against a realistic assessment of the likely threats to an event rather than adopt a “one size fits all” approach to event security. The security team operates according to a coordinated, customized security plan which accounts for the unique security threats at events. Our teams have been integral in security arrangements for several successful, secure events.

Electronic Safety & Security System

Keeping the increasing needs of security services with a balance of “Man &  Machine”, we provide consulting on sourcing and installation of top-of- the-line surveillance systems, access control systems, fire alarm/fire – fighting systems, intruder alarm systems, and PA systems through Tenon Project Services, a group company.

Peregrine National Command Center

Our centralized National Command Centre is an information tracking and dissemination resource. This information centre tracks developments which could have an impact on security and sends news alerts through e-mail and SMS to all our customers. This helps ensure that our customers are aware of notable developments regarding safety & security and are able to take timely actions for response.

Security Automation System

Our automation system – ‘SecuIT’ – helps track online all service requests received from the clients within a specified time-frame; with the provision to automatically escalate to line managers, ensuring prompt action.

Intensive Training Services

Our personnel undergo weeks of intensive training course from qualified trainers. Our state-of- the-art training infrastructure and enhanced course material ensures that trainees are fully conversant with their responsibilities and procedures involved in efficiently carrying out their duties.

Safety & Security Drill

We carry out mock safety and security drills on a regular basis. This helps us chart out newer plans to tackle emergencies by undertaking new initiatives in disaster management. All safety equipment are checked periodically, escape routes from the facility to the assembly points are timed and alertness of guards and officers are checked.