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Who understands the security challenges of customers better than their true service partner?

We at Peregrine Guarding, understand what customers need when it comes to ensuring safety of their critical assets. The key to our 100% customer success lies in our capability to deliver and optimize custom man-machine solutions. We uniquely design every aspect of our service, including the profile of on-site security professionals as different circumstances demand different skillsets.

Manned Guarding

We at Peregrine Guarding provide Manned Guarding services with trained professionals to provide high end security services such as patrolling, access control and surveillance among many. This security is typically used in high-risk environments where presence of physical security is a necessity to deter and prevent unauthorized access or criminal activity.

Electronic Safety & Security System

Electronic safety and security systems is designed to protect people and property from potential threats. This system include surveillance cameras, access control systems, intrusion detection alarms, and fire alarms and are often integrated with software and network infrastructure to allow remote monitoring and control.

Special Protection Officers

Peregrine Guarding has a team of Special Protection Officers (SPOs) that are highly trained security personnel’s responsible for providing protection to high-risk individuals and other dignitaries. Our team of professionals has undergone rigorous training in firearms, defensive driving, and first aid. SPOs are an integral part of ensuring the safety of high-profile individuals.

Canine Squads

Canine Squads refer to specially trained dogs and handlers to detect and prevent security threats. Our Canine Squads are trained in scent detection, patrolling and crowd controlling. Our Canine Squads are often deployed at high risk facilities such as airports, government facilities and more.

Threat & Risk Analysis

Tenon Group believes in minimizing risks by analyzing risks which involves identifying and evaluating potential threats and help in assessing the likelihood and potential impact of those threats. This analysis help enable clients to implementing appropriate measures to mitigating risks and protecting against potential harm.

Executive Protection

Under the executive protection service, we make available first-class home security systems, bodyguards, armoured vehicles & vehicle scramble plans for you. Our executive protection team is given specialised training in executive protection, driving, first aid, and marksmanship.

Peregrine Command & Control Centre

The Peregrine National Command Center is a centralized system where our skilled team monitor and coordinate operations in real-time. Our Centralized command center has carried out emergency responses and security operations. Our Command Centre features advanced technology such as large display screens, communication systems, and data analytics tools to help decision-making and respond quickly and effectively.

Security Arrangement at Special Events

Peregrine Guarding provides security arrangements at special events to ensure the safety and security of attendees and staff. Our team of professionals carry out risk assessments, crowd control measures, access control, and deploying security personnel.

Security Survey & Consulting

Our expert team of Security survey and consultation provides clients with advice and recommendations to improve security measures. This includes conducting thorough assessments of physical security, vulnerabilities and identifying potential risks. Based on these findings, consultants develop customized security plans to address specific needs.

Critical Vulnerability Analysis

Critical vulnerability analysis is a process of identifying and assessing vulnerabilities that have potential to cause significant harm or damage. This analysis involves examining the severity and potential impact of vulnerabilities and determining the steps to mitigate.

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Special Alert & Advisories

Local City Alerts

Surveillance Support

Emergency Response

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Let our dynamic, expert, and customer-focused professionals assist you in transforming the security landscape of your facility with our man-tech model of delivering specialised security services.